Programs and Services

Programs and Services

Clean UP
Provides vital toiletries and cleaning supplies to clients, who cannot purchase these items with SNAP or afford the items on their tight budgets

Client Assistance
Medication reminders; assist with IDs, birth certificates, proof of income; transportation assistance; connections to local agencies: Ryan White case management, food banks, etc.; assistance with forms; and much more

Club 95
A monthly support group focused on maintaining a 95% medication adherence rate for healthier living

Eat UP
Provides additional resources to clients who cannot currently afford to purchase over-the-counter medications that provide relief from colds, headaches, etc., and the more expensive nutritious food choices, such as fresh fruits, vegetables and meat 

Housed UP
Client assistance in obtaining and maintaining housing, utilities, and moving

Meet UP
A bi-weekly get together for games, movies, crafts, conversation, and fun!

Peer UP
A stipend program for clients providing support to other clients such as transportation, reminder calls, and moving assistance

Professional Updates – with Midwest AIDS Training & Education Center
Periodical HIV/AIDS programming for local healthcare providers

50-minute energy balancing sessions to reduce stress

Retreat with Compass Services at MetroHealth
Day-long opportunity to stretch one’s body, mind & spirit, fellowship with others living with HIV, and spa treatments (massage, reiki)

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